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One Of The Leading And Award-Winning Facilitators Of MBBS In Abroad For Indian Students

We are helping students to discover the MBBS educational opportunities, Since 2009. Yaduvanshi Consultancy is the best for your plan from the versatile range that we offer. We are authorized by MBBS Department of all Embassies in abroad. Best way to MBBS in Russia or more selected top countries.

The venture dreams for global networking with revered universities from across the world. As of now, we guide students to select and get enrolled in the best medical universities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Ukraine, Armenia, Barbados, Caribbean, China. Yaduvanshi Consultancy is fortified with a team of expert educationalists and counsellors who have years of experience in the domain. Staying updated with the latest strides in medical education niche, we acquaint students with diversified career and higher education options available.

Need help for finding the best university for MBBS courses, application or visa requirements? Book a free appointment with our overseas Education Expert.

Know Who We Are

About Our Company

Yaduvanshi Consultancy is a Famous Educational Consultancy facilitates students to get the admission in the International University by providing comprehensive assistant throughout the admission and post admission. We are one of the largest suppliers of MBBS aspirants to foreign countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Ukraine, Armenia, Barbados, Caribbean, China etc. We believe in providing information which is correct, comprehensive and correct in every respect to the student and their parents. We have the ability to communicate well and express themselves in a clear manner, whether in writing or speaking. We always want to provide accurate/appropriate communication between you and us. We always need your feedback (bad as good) which is essential to become a good worker. Work rules are made to be followed. Our workers always follows the policies of the company and inspires others to do so too.

We Provide Services

Our Personalized Services for Students Help

Free Counseling

The first step is to understand what the student is looking for. We talk to the students as well as the parents to understand what he or she has in mind. We access the financial status of the family along with the options available in the universities that we deal with.

University Selection

In case the student needs some additional support in choosing the right university, we also tweak the contract so that it is easier for the student to avail services form our side. We evaluate your academic documents to make sure it is as per the norms specified by the University where you have applied.

Documentation Assistance

Yaduvanshi Consultancy provides you the complete assistance in applying for the passport and other documentations. We provide you with the Admission Letter which helps you in securing the passport on Tatkal Basis.

Pre-Departure Guidance

Yaduvanshi Consultancy organised a Get-together session of students and parents before the departure. During this a complete session on pre-departure is conducted to provide the students with ins and outs of the respective country and travelling guidelines. We enable you to establish contact with other students studying in respective countries.

Forex Assistance

We assist our students in getting currency exchange. At Yaduvanshi Consultancy, we make sure that our students get the best possible exchange rate. We have tie-ups with various International Banks that provide the students that provide the students with Forex Card and traveler’s cheque at the time of departure.

Travel Assistance

Yaduvanshi Consultancy helps the students in travelling i.e. best Airline Ticket Booking, Home to Airport Pickup, Representative travel with Student if Needed. We help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Yaduvanshi Consultancy helps you in your entire course-period in traveling. We also arrange travel for parents and relatives of the student when required.


Students Departured


Top Universities


Countries in the Tour

Top Medical Universities


Mari State University

Mari State University is considered to be a classical university of Mari El Republic. The University was founded in the year 1972.


Siberian State Medical University

Siberian state Medical University is founded in the year 1878. It is one of the highly reputable School of medicine in Russia.


Tver State Medical University

Tver State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia.It is one of the oldest and leading educational.


Orenburg State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg State Medical University was first established in the year 1955.

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